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In my lifetime the youth in Kenya and the globe have received their deserved attention from both the government and society. However, this is not like the attention the 21st century society is offering, either because the youth is the problem or problem solver. A few months ago, a young flamboyant leader by the name Barack Obama and who happens to be the first Black American President rose against the challenges of his generation and ours as well as those of a century borne such as racism. Weeks ago at the conference hall at the Bomas of Kenya, we witnessed as young students in the secondary level of education made history by holding a forum that sought to uncover the challenges that faced them.

This acclaimed meeting just happened after talks to be held at the Kilanguni Lodge between the two coalition partners ODM and PNU failed to bear any fruits. Irony as you can speak of it couldn’t help but give the facts to us. While we need to rise up to the challenges of the past and coming two decades, others are mistreating the opportunities. Most of what the young representatives who were drawn from every district in the country reiterated was about leadership being the first impression for a growing society.

Among the issues that were highlighted were the post election violence impacts, corruption, crime and impunity. As they debated about these issues, two moral stands were notable, passion and commitment. The main agenda however was the need to curb the infiltrating situation in secondary schools which over the past two years have been characterized by situations of violence and exam cheating. They all seemed to agree on one thing however that they needed a way forward from the uncultivated situations.

We appreciate the efforts the heads of secondary schools are taking since secondary schools were branded the ‘lucifer's cafe’. We should not allow at this breaking point to be overcome by unnecessary excitements that will only distract us from the path of success. The end still does justify the means.

Why don’t we have such forums at the district level every half year with the representatives from these levels across the nation going on to represent their colleagues at the national level to be held annually and in different venues. We also need strict rules and regulations that will legitimize such an organization making it the base for a stronger National youth convention. I advise the stakeholders to be both ambitious and realistic.

I believe we all are humbled by this picture and that the youth in the neighborhood will form a better image in our minds other than those of drunkards, ingrates and liars. Que te bendiga Dios!



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