Synergy for the youth

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Days ago, a conference hosted by the Arab league whose main agenda was to tackle the widespread problem of unemployment among youth in Arab countries kicked of in Qatar. There has been a bulging wave of concern among the political and social divides about the rising number of unemployed youth who as a result of the wilting situation of the sector and economy are creatively trying to join the private sector as entrepreneurs. I wonder if every of those 30 million plus will find a way into it and how if so. Leaders in the Arab countries have responded impressively to the red alert for which we commend them. We however desire for our home turf.

Since the 20th century, Kenya as a country has struggled to keep up with the level of job needs. For that, resources available to the state and community have been strained and the few opportunities compromised. As we walk towards the 50th year since our independence, it is a necessity that we rise beyond the simple laws, policies and strategies we have adopted in the past. Unemployment remains the biggest threat to social make up during these times and thus, we need to focus on all economic, political and social fronts with an aim of attaining an operational synergy that will support the implementation of set goals.

Notable and to be appreciated is the government’s effort in curbing job loss. First and foremost was the introduction of a collective youth fund with relative disbursements being made each year to date. This was followed by the creation of a self-contained ministry for youth affairs that was seen to appreciate young and diverse.

Has this been enough? Probably, but there is no way you provide dough for entrepreneurship and go on to tolerate corruption. There is no way you bring a vendor to the street and let a stray bullet fell him because he violated a rule. That opinions nowadays are no longer welcome with this government, is a call for an election. But, do we have the money, the institution, the will anymore? Some people say to me that we can’t afford it. It worth the wait, others whisper in faith. Like will take the right decision then, the familiar, skeptical and realistic will nod.

It is clear today that we can not talk about the youth and leave out the issues of justice, human rights, entertainment and now technology. We cannot talk about the unemployed drug abusing lad and leave out rehabilitation and security issues. This is the synergy we need, the eye to use. Let a throbbing cry out to the heart of the sovereign in the country.


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