Kenyan Budget 2009-2010

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If there ever was a job done impressively than what the Treasury and the Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta have done, then I have just been born. I would love to dissect the budget into all its important components, but I know all of you are more lifted up by the logic, sight and depth of the Budget. This translates to the fact that we were all glued to our tellies and need no more of the gibber..gebberish.

My commitment, patriotism and vigor for this country Kenya and the wider world has been challenged deeply by a reading so crafted to help me understand my society. Without even saying it, the fifth line told me I was the Kenyan; the tenth was in my adrenaline, the last wet on my eyes. We are going to achieve the goals we have set and intend to lay out, this I know for sure but only if the trend is picked up from today’s reveling speech.

The Kenyan Budget 2009 has inculcated, challenged, embraced, poked and humbled. This is the country we foresee and better I guess! So, let us build it with peace, justice, wisdom and love. The good book says that wisdom is the building block of a family, knowledge the known establisher and yes, beautiful women are a symptom of a healthy country Minister!


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