Kenya: No shortcuts towards a Revolution

Posted on Saturday, March 13, 2010, under

The Islamic republic of Iran can offer Kenya a mountain of life lessons on the pros and cons of revolutionary change. Unknowingly or unfazed by its potential, our political class is slowly instigating a revolt amongst its peoples, mostly among its disgruntled youth. Plagued with poverty, extra judicial executions, corruption and menial job opportunities, the revolution is not an innuendo or a fluke, rather is a simmering volcano waiting for an opportune jolt. It usually takes events like what we witnessed at the beginning of 2008 to spark a revolution, but since that did not throw us over the edge, then maybe we should brace ourselves for far worse times before we get our very own revolution.

 Iran struck oil and became rich virtually over night. The wealth was immense and the monarch that was in charge failed to dissipate this wealth to its populace. Instead the members of the Pahlavi dynasty then under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi decided to plunder it amongst themselves. This did not go down well with the locals who began protests in the streets and they became more and more violent. Eventually these protests paralyzed the country until the monarch gave into exile and it took an unfortunate tragedy to spark a revolution and a new theocracy was established in Iran. Read More >>


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