The good man South Africa need

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There are those moments in life, even in our youth, that we feel content with our achievements. It is at this moment that our spirit is sync with that of a higher power. The time that a sigh of relief will mean that you are ready for anything and that dying is easy with moving on being all the easier. It is at this time that the good man reveals himself to our being and holding onto him means leading a life limited by belief and philosophy.

Most societies are defined by boundaries of class, religion and race. Children are born to a default of circumstances they must endure. South Africa is no different but is unique in that sovereignty for the black man is still a strong desire and the “white man'” still continues to be the threshold to the economy. The recent racial tensions are testimony to the fact that wounds are unhealed. Nelson Mandela and other patriots led the struggle for independence of the nation so that the common man could break of the chains of oppression and breath towards the path of economic development and democracy. The acceptance of that freedom came wet to the eyes of Men and Women, a sweet break for the young citizens as well.

When it was due, Africans received it with joy but it seems that’s where the progress ended. Freedom is a term that does not mean too much to a society with crippling economic and social challenges. The South African brigade of leaders received their freedom and forgot to keep their hand tightly on the golden baton. They went home with joy, confidence and euphoria of independence leaving the oppressors as spectator white supremacists who found a loop hole or is it loop home. The country is no doubt one of the richest in Africa in terms of resources, infrastructure and cultural diversity yet most of this goodies are far from reaching the over populated folks at the sea bed. Now, the palace is shaking from the ground waiting to erupt.

Fore fathers of some of the African countries did a good job of whistling the colonialists away from the African states. They also did a good job in handing over the power and wit to the younger in a fashion that allowed the new generation to make use of strategies that would bring back the heart of economic prosperity to their people however, not all did so. The scenes being witnessed are in no way healthy for a society that has its hopes in a young generation of ingenious and resourceful persons and it is not enough to say that the issue is being dealt with as it arises. 

Truth be told, South Africa and every other country in such a situation will only benefit if the good man mentality is instilled in the mind of the young as well as the old just as Nelson Mandela continues to advocate with his life. We must allow hard work, unity, the law and the today factor to reign in our raging conflicts.


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