Best Young Entrepreneurs 2009

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This year’s ten finalists for the best young entrepreneurs in the USA have just been announced. The preceding years have had a fair share of dorm room beginners toping the world ranks as the best managers and innovators in business and it yet to be seen if more will make it to the final list or yet if the 2009 finalists will make it back to the list.

Meet the Ten finalists for America’s best young entrepreneurs 2010 according to the business weekly.


Ascension Aircraft
What It Does: Aircraft sales and leasing
Founder: Jamail Larkins, 25
Web Site:
Based: Augusta, Ga.

Education:Bachelors Degree in Aviation and Business Admin

Revenue: 2008 saw a little over $ 7million

Employees: Four(4)


What It Does: Online collaboration tool
Founders: Aaron Levie, 24, and Dylan Smith, 24
Web Site:
Based: Palo Alto, Calif.

Employees: Fifty(50)


shama Kabani

Click To Client
What It Does: Online marketing agency
Founder: Shama Kabani, 24
Web Site:
Based: Dallas

Revenue: $120,000

Books: The Zen of Social Media (Buy Amazon)




What It Does: Renewable energy consulting
Founders: Jesse Gossett, 23 (left); Jayson Uppal, 23 (center); and Chris Jacobs, 21 (right)
Web Site:
Based: Boston

Revenue: 2008, $108,000



I Bec Creative
What It Does: Web development and graphic design
Founder: Becky Stockbridge, 25
Web Site:

Based: Portland, Me.

Revenue: $225,000 in 2008

Employees: Five(5)


intern queen

Intern Queen
What It Does: Internship placement consultancy
Founder: Lauren Berger, 25
Web Site:

Based: Los Angeles

Revenue: 2008, $100,000



What It Does: Online marketplace for indie designer fashion and decor
Founders: Eric Koger, 25, and Susan Koger, 24
Web Site:
Based: Pittsburgh

Employees: 0ne hundred and four(104)




What It Does: Online marketplace for class notes
Founders: Sean Conway, 25 (right); Justin Miller, 21(far right); B.J. Stephan, 24 (left); Fadi
Chalfoon, 23 (second from left)
Web Site:
Based: Tucson, Ariz.



Trunk Club
What It Does: Online clothes shopping service for men
Founder: Joanna Van Vleck, 26
Web Site:







What It Does: Microblogging platform
Founder: David Karp, 23
Web Site:
Based: New York


Venture Capital: $5.5 million

Employees: Ten (10)

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