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satellite-l450-top-view As Microsoft plan usher in a news and social media aggregate platform, it remains to be heard of the impact that the existing websites and applications have so far had to the majority of online users in Kenya and around the world. Google for one has excelled with their news collectors around the world but I still doubt if the same has had any impact with web users in Africa.

Recently launched, has stocked the meaning of a one stop shop to include news in entertainment, blogs, politics and a number of customized categories. The Kenyan website has made it easier for web users to get information about their favorite products, celebrities and even video blogs on the internet. For instance, if I want to get latest news or dated for that matter about Justin Bieber the latest Pop teen sensation, all I would do is search the celebrity by name and wallah Justin and his latest media antics would be revealed. Do the same for a product or album launch, political news, world news or any other of your interests and the results will be impressive.

Instead of visiting to read their online paper or even the standard, makes it easy for you to navigate through such channels and more so through its concrete search engine plus the greatly enhanced side bars you find along as you navigate the world of aggregated news.

Video blogging is the new catch in the 21st century's digital age. Its amazing what youths as compared to their older ones in the TV can do with their voices and expressions. Through platforms such as YouTube and obviously video integrated websites, such youths have been able to engage their peers into discussing issues such as sex, business, technology and violence among others. You'll surely agree that at my age I once in a while need to learn some dating tips and see how they work you know. These bloggers have been nothing less than doctors. Mine may be that but your problem could be adjusting to your new Smartphone. You know what,  just holla at the video bloggers. And, it doesn't go without saying that a lot needs to be done to protect privacy and cover the right content but if this is not the kind of growth that technologists talk about in their still rooms and especially those in Kenya, then my brothers some of us need your jobs.

To wrap up this day and age of technology and media use, I would probably challenge Tom to be tech-savvy Tom and Jane to be the finger behind the talking . Its the way to go by the way.




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