Kenya: Mobile Technology 2012

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Samsung Think of it, having your MP text you back instantly after you have declared support for his campaign via email or even SMS. You’ll agree with me that it  would certainly be the beginning of a close thing between you and the stranger on the camera, right? Such is the dedication that candidates in other developed and developing countries are laying on their campaigns. Most people will come out boldly to say that Kenya as a political avenue is not cut out for such vibrant use of technology.

Others will certainly have the time to whisper that  “It’s a waste of time and money…” but,  here is a funny mention of yesterdays and by default today’s reality: Kenya is just the right place.

The normal reasons for taking up mobile technology would be to spread the use of technology in every Kenyan household and yet to catapult the older generation to the same tech-level as the young generation but there is more to this craze. Politicians would get a chance to communicate their policies in detail with their constituents while at the same time, the electorate would have a chance to credit their preferred candidates in the general elections.

Policies in governance should matter a lot and especially to the governed. Poorly thought out and implemented strategies have led many countries deep into the pit of failure. Imagine being able to get first hand information about your leaders policies, being in a position to store them for review at a later date as well as being able to digitally compare them to other policies. The revolution for technologists would be then ripe but so would that of the Kenyan citizens.

Do you own a smart phone or even an internet enabled phone? If not then it time to start shopping for one. Visit the various Kenyan online stores and your favorite dealers in town but make sure you own a phone that has good  features. Honestly, I foresee a great time in 2012, new ways of campaigning, improved responsibility and accountability and obviously more distracted Kenyans (..just take care not to be dumped for it but its still worth).


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