Huh! The year counts down

Posted on Thursday, December 30, 2010, under

imagesMerry Christmas guys! The year is soon coming to an end with a host of festivities lined up. So many words will go unwritten but yet no few chapters have gone unwritten. Kenya witnessed the signing of a new constitution into law while it may be the first time you read my blog. Ha ha! You might have realized already how sluggish I am which due to the order of the day I humbly decry as a challenge for the New Year.

A few words will go to my fans, family and friends. The characteristic of silence is saying nothing. True, so many feelings will go unexpressed; some of love, admiration and others of change, reform but the true spirit says that we are one as individuals each with a silver lining. I thank you all for staying strong in your own special ways and for loving someone in the world.

This year will go down as the year of perspective, perspective in networking, business and relationships. However, my only focus right now is that the peak of this year be defined by the few remaining days when we join each other to reflect, celebrate and acknowledge. Bottoms up y’all!

“God speaks in the silence of the heart: Listening is the beginning of Prayer”


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