Kenya Parliament:Debate on draft constitution

Posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2010, under


The big debate  that will witness Kenyan Members of Parliament vote in or shoot down amendments to major clauses in the draft constitution will be on this evening in parliament. The process will hopefully be followed by a national referendum that will allow Kenyans of all walks of life to  make a decision of whether to have a new constitution based on the document that was compiled by the constitution experts- CoE- months ago. The referendum might just be an easy sail through  for either supporters or opponents but this will primarily be determined by the show down that will loom in the house today. They are expected to vote for over 120 changes to the draft.

News Byte:

- No amendment has been successful so far with 6 being shot down and another 31 being withdrawn

-Most of  the proposed changes have so far failed. Casualties (David Musyimi, James Orengo, Amos Kimunya)

- Mutava Musyimi fails to marshal enough support for his proposed changes i.e those seeking to separate power between the state and the church, an amend to the draft to provide for a unitary state

- Amos Kimunya withdraws 30 of his proposed amendments

- House members walk out to avoid voting.

- Some want the draft with amendment others prefer it stay the way it is.

- Kenya has been governed under one constitution since independence. Some of the changes will help pave way for the much needed reforms at the institution level and beyond