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satellite-l450-top-view As Microsoft plan usher in a news and social media aggregate platform, it remains to be heard of the impact that the existing websites and applications have so far had to the majority of online users in Kenya and around the world. Google for one has excelled with their news collectors around the world but I still doubt if the same has had any impact with web users in Africa.

Recently launched, has stocked the meaning of a one stop shop to include news in entertainment, blogs, politics and a number of customized categories. The Kenyan website has made it easier for web users to get information about their favorite products, celebrities and even video blogs on the internet. For instance, if I want to get latest news or dated for that matter about Justin Bieber the latest Pop teen sensation, all I would do is search the celebrity by name and wallah Justin and his latest media antics would be revealed. Do the same for a product or album launch, political news, world news or any other of your interests and the results will be impressive.

Instead of visiting to read their online paper or even the standard, makes it easy for you to navigate through such channels and more so through its concrete search engine plus the greatly enhanced side bars you find along as you navigate the world of aggregated news.

Video blogging is the new catch in the 21st century's digital age. Its amazing what youths as compared to their older ones in the TV can do with their voices and expressions. Through platforms such as YouTube and obviously video integrated websites, such youths have been able to engage their peers into discussing issues such as sex, business, technology and violence among others. You'll surely agree that at my age I once in a while need to learn some dating tips and see how they work you know. These bloggers have been nothing less than doctors. Mine may be that but your problem could be adjusting to your new Smartphone. You know what,  just holla at the video bloggers. And, it doesn't go without saying that a lot needs to be done to protect privacy and cover the right content but if this is not the kind of growth that technologists talk about in their still rooms and especially those in Kenya, then my brothers some of us need your jobs.

To wrap up this day and age of technology and media use, I would probably challenge Tom to be tech-savvy Tom and Jane to be the finger behind the talking . Its the way to go by the way.




Kenya: Mobile Technology 2012

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Samsung Think of it, having your MP text you back instantly after you have declared support for his campaign via email or even SMS. You’ll agree with me that it  would certainly be the beginning of a close thing between you and the stranger on the camera, right? Such is the dedication that candidates in other developed and developing countries are laying on their campaigns. Most people will come out boldly to say that Kenya as a political avenue is not cut out for such vibrant use of technology.

Others will certainly have the time to whisper that  “It’s a waste of time and money…” but,  here is a funny mention of yesterdays and by default today’s reality: Kenya is just the right place.

The normal reasons for taking up mobile technology would be to spread the use of technology in every Kenyan household and yet to catapult the older generation to the same tech-level as the young generation but there is more to this craze. Politicians would get a chance to communicate their policies in detail with their constituents while at the same time, the electorate would have a chance to credit their preferred candidates in the general elections.

Policies in governance should matter a lot and especially to the governed. Poorly thought out and implemented strategies have led many countries deep into the pit of failure. Imagine being able to get first hand information about your leaders policies, being in a position to store them for review at a later date as well as being able to digitally compare them to other policies. The revolution for technologists would be then ripe but so would that of the Kenyan citizens.

Do you own a smart phone or even an internet enabled phone? If not then it time to start shopping for one. Visit the various Kenyan online stores and your favorite dealers in town but make sure you own a phone that has good  features. Honestly, I foresee a great time in 2012, new ways of campaigning, improved responsibility and accountability and obviously more distracted Kenyans (..just take care not to be dumped for it but its still worth).


Best Young Entrepreneurs 2009

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This year’s ten finalists for the best young entrepreneurs in the USA have just been announced. The preceding years have had a fair share of dorm room beginners toping the world ranks as the best managers and innovators in business and it yet to be seen if more will make it to the final list or yet if the 2009 finalists will make it back to the list.

Meet the Ten finalists for America’s best young entrepreneurs 2010 according to the business weekly.


Ascension Aircraft
What It Does: Aircraft sales and leasing
Founder: Jamail Larkins, 25
Web Site:
Based: Augusta, Ga.

Education:Bachelors Degree in Aviation and Business Admin

Revenue: 2008 saw a little over $ 7million

Employees: Four(4)


What It Does: Online collaboration tool
Founders: Aaron Levie, 24, and Dylan Smith, 24
Web Site:
Based: Palo Alto, Calif.

Employees: Fifty(50)


shama Kabani

Click To Client
What It Does: Online marketing agency
Founder: Shama Kabani, 24
Web Site:
Based: Dallas

Revenue: $120,000

Books: The Zen of Social Media (Buy Amazon)




What It Does: Renewable energy consulting
Founders: Jesse Gossett, 23 (left); Jayson Uppal, 23 (center); and Chris Jacobs, 21 (right)
Web Site:
Based: Boston

Revenue: 2008, $108,000



I Bec Creative
What It Does: Web development and graphic design
Founder: Becky Stockbridge, 25
Web Site:

Based: Portland, Me.

Revenue: $225,000 in 2008

Employees: Five(5)


intern queen

Intern Queen
What It Does: Internship placement consultancy
Founder: Lauren Berger, 25
Web Site:

Based: Los Angeles

Revenue: 2008, $100,000



What It Does: Online marketplace for indie designer fashion and decor
Founders: Eric Koger, 25, and Susan Koger, 24
Web Site:
Based: Pittsburgh

Employees: 0ne hundred and four(104)




What It Does: Online marketplace for class notes
Founders: Sean Conway, 25 (right); Justin Miller, 21(far right); B.J. Stephan, 24 (left); Fadi
Chalfoon, 23 (second from left)
Web Site:
Based: Tucson, Ariz.



Trunk Club
What It Does: Online clothes shopping service for men
Founder: Joanna Van Vleck, 26
Web Site:







What It Does: Microblogging platform
Founder: David Karp, 23
Web Site:
Based: New York


Venture Capital: $5.5 million

Employees: Ten (10)

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