What a Year and Bob Collymore ends it with style

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Merry ChristmasWhat people need during the Holidays are gifts and lots of them. That means that great shopping experiences need not be the subject of our imaginations no more. Thanks to daily deal websites, the realization of buying and selling as a creative art has been diversified.However, the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in conjunction with manufactures needs to do more to ensure that the public is able to access information about the Country’s extensive trading facilities as well as the opportunities of representation in  avenues of business worldwide.

Anyways, I don’t have much to say other than to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Its been great meeting new people and growing with the existing network of buddies. Being the change that you want to see in the world is not just a thought but a right.

Meanwhile, Bob, Jeff and Julie did a number on gospel artist Jimmy Gait’s Song remix Furi Furi. Collymore did not just style up the song but he also dignified it with a unique sense of  recital. I’ll let you piece together the rest of the information with the video below:


Be blessed and see you in the next year!

Patent Troll Sues Google, Groupon

mthSigh. Here we go again.

A patent troll called Mount Hamilton Partners has filed two separate patent infringement lawsuits against daily deals juggernaut Groupon and Google, which also operates a digital couponing business called Google Offers.

Mount Hamilton Partners, which purports to be an 'investor in technology companies' on its website, garnered headlines about two and a half years ago when it sued OpenTable right before the restaurant reservation service provider went public. Now they're going after Google and Groupon.
Done Deal – Akamai Buys Rival Cotendo For $268 Million

cotendoAkamai has indeed acquired Cotendo, one of its largest competitors, in a deal valuing the CDN and site acceleration services company at approximately $268 million.

The confirmation comes nearly a month after Israeli business press reported that Akamai was mulling an acquisition of the website and mobile acceleration technology vendor for up to $350 million.
SpotMe Payments: A Great App For Settling Up

spotme-iphoneSpotMe, a handy little tool for sharing expenses in groups, is now a top 10 mobile app in the finance category and a featured app in Apple's App Store Rewind 2011. Zornitza Stefanova, the CEO of SpotMe's maker Boomerang Digital, describes the app as "a social messenger for payments." What that means is that the app takes over the often uncomfortable job of having to ask your friends for the money they owe - it does that for you.
DealFind Launches Its Version Of Groupon Now: “Everyday Deals”

DealfindToronto-based deal provider Dealfind is on the move, having recently gone mobile, and, as of today, is launching something called "Everyday Deals." The feature is somewhat similar to GrouponNow in that it allows you to find deals you can buy and use right now. But really, the site is more of a deals database, where deals are searchable by location, category and redeemable time.


Riviera for Skype: A way to record your Skype Calls

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Its facilitates. Tailored to automatically record Skype calls and conversations to MP3 files, the Riviera for Skype has come at a time when Businesses and Individuals are choosing Skype for their business calls globally with Clients. Most of this conversations do not allow for the taking of notes which ultimately undervalues the key notes in important conversations. With a recorder for Skype, an important step has been taken to ensure that discussions within minute to hourly calls are facilitated with the utmost attention.

 Skype Call Recorder

The product by Jiteco Corporation allows you a 14 day free trial version that has no functional limits. After trial period you need to purchase a License Key to activate the product. The product is available for download here.


M-Pesa usage in Uganda

We noticed a funny thing while visiting Uganda this week: there are M-Pesa agents. Lots of them.  

We noticed the first two M-Pesa agents in front of the Kampala Coach bus stop near Owino Market.  Both said M-Pesa was very popular.  In fact, three people asked to use M-Pesa while we were speaking with Patrick (the man pictured above).  

It makes sense for there to be M-Pesa agents near the Kampala Coach bus stop because the bus travels between Kampala and Nairobi.  But what about agents along Entebbe Road and in major shopping centers (e.g. Wire ‘n Wireless ... (Read more at source)
Russian Search Giant Yandex Acquires Mobile Software Developer SPB For $38 Million

Last week, Yandex, one of biggest search and advertising companies in Russia, announced that it would be teaming up with Microsoft, Nokia, HTC and Samsung to become the default search engine on both new and upcoming Windows Phones in Russia. This followed the news last month that Yandex is also set to become the search provider for bada-powered smartphones in Russia and the CIS. It's been a good last few months for Yandex, as Robin pointed out last week, the company has steadily grown its share of the Russian search market to a point where it now owns 62.7 percent ... (Read more at source)
Engagor: Yet Another Social Media Management Tool, Or A Better One?

There's certainly no shortage of social media monitoring and analytics service providers out there, with companies like Radian6, Visible Technologies, Sysomos, Socialbakers and Buddy Media among those who get most of the attention. But the market remains young, and there are lots of opportunities for small startups still. This morning, I sat down with Folke Lemaitre, co-founder and CEO of Engagor, to see how their offering stacks up against that of its competitors. A bootstrapped startup, Engagor has managed to deliver a product that can definitely compete on features, pricing and overall user experience.
Election body shuffles staff ahead of 2012

The electoral commission has reshuffled 17 regional election coordinators as it prepares


Indeed, the world woke up to a sad week on Monday to the news that Environmental activist and Nobel Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai had succumbed to Cancer while receiving treatment at a Nairobi Hospital. She was a mother and protector of our Nation, a great hero of the world whose contribution will be greatly endeared and cherished by all. May God Bless her soul.


Meanwhile, the week was adrenalized with the news that Facebook had launched a new way for users to interact with their profiles through what is now being referred to as the Facebook timeline. I already got mine activated a few days ago which is yet to go public this Friday but my favorite people-you- will get the honor of catching a snapshot of my 'pretty' profile page.

Have you ever thought of Second Chances! Yes, what would you do then in that second life? Well, technology has all the answers for you. This time, you not only get to dance on a virtual loft as we did last week on shaker but you also get the chance to trade, learn and socialize.

Second Life by Linden Lab

Second Life is an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab. Second life users, residents, use a number of free client programs to interact with each other. The applications are platforms that are used to cultivate education, arts, science, religion and relationships. The virtual world launched in June 2003 now boasts of over a million active users.

The options to the online virtual world are not minimal nor is the reality of the interactions faint. Some residents have chosen to get married online. Since 2008, the University of San Martin de Porres of Peru has been working on Second Life virtual world, developing prototypes of Peruvian archeological buildings, and training teachers for new paradigm of education. Institutions and business are also choosing to open virtual meeting places where they can share ideas and trade. Though a subject of criticism due to the simulation of child pornography, sex is often encountered.

All in all, its time for you to check it out. You can register for a free account or choose a premium account that goes for an average of $6 a month.

Facebook Timeline Unveiled

Facebook-button-ovalFacebook continues to evolve day by day, mostly through how users from different parts of the world are taking advantage of the diverse social network features . During the week in a Facebook F8 Conference in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled a beautiful twist to the Facebook profiles in what seems to be the most intuitive feature on Facebook as of that day. The new display of the profiles is meant to capture the Whole story of Facebook users by allowing them to scroll easily to stories, updates and notifications from the day they were born.

The Timeline has three Sections:
Cover- This is where you use a large unique image that represents your best. It will be the first thing people see when they visit your profile.

Stories- This is where you share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and lifetime events on the Timeline.

Apps- The activities you love will be highlighted on this page with a new set of Social Apps that let you express who you are through everything you do.

I am sure the biggest question here is why many user profiles such as yours haven't changed to reflect the new Feature timeline. The answer is that only developers at this stage are allowed to preview their profiles using this application. The feature might however go public as soon as this Friday 30th of September. Keep a look out. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the Timeline here.

Here is how the timeline looks like


Related News

Fampus Launches Social Events Site For Universities

Fampus_BlackGradientGood startups often emerge from situations where the founder is attempting to solve a problem they themselves have. That was certainly the case with collegiate events site Fampus, created by 22-year old Brittany Brody, now a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As a new arrival to the university in 2008, Brody wanted to get involved on campus, but was frustrated by the lack of a dedicated site that listed both on-campus and nearby community events. So she created Fampus.
Twitter’s New Dublin Office Will Cut 16% Off Its EU Tax – Maybe More

San_Francisco_Twitter_Tax2We're not exactly surprised. As we predicted in May, Twitter is setting up its European HQ in Dublin (in fact this is its first international office outside the Valley). The reasons are simple: money.

Following the long- tradition of US companies in Europe (joining Google, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, PayPal, LinkedIn, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Apple, HP and Zynga) Ireland's 12% corporation tax, and 45 minute flight from London (where corporation tax is 28%) is just too tempting not to take advantage of. One annual board meeting later and you can be back at you Mayfair pad in one day.
Vimeo Launches Audiosocket-Powered Music Store To Bring Tunes To Video

vimeo_logoAt F8 on Thursday, The Social Network will by all accounts be making its official foray into music, with scrobbling and music content galore headed straight for our news feeds. Ahead of Facebook's new music service, Vimeo is announcing its own musical news, thank you very much, that has some interesting implications for artists and filmmakers and music technology. You may know Vimeo as the quality YouTube alternative that's long been a place for semi-pro videographers, filmmakers, and Vloggers to host, share, and present their video content. Today, Vimeo is taking its long-awaited leap into the music world with the "Vimeo Music Store" -- a custom-designed music licensing solution that will allow Vimeo's video buffs to search for, discover, and license songs for both non-commercial and limited commercial use.
Fantastical: My Favorite New Calendar App

Fantastical_256x256I've been using a pretty cool app of late called Fantastical. It's OS X-only but I suspect the Windows crowd would get a kick out of it as well.

Basically it's a natural language calendar app. You can paste (nearly) anything into its little window and it will automagically create an event. "Dinner with Joe at 5pm on Thursday" works just as you would imagine it would and unless today is Thursday, Fantastical will figure things out. It fumbles sometimes with word order and ends up setting all day lunches with "Tuesday" but most of the time that's reparable with a few keystrokes.
World mourns Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai

The world was on Monday united in mourning Prof Wangari Muta Maathai, a conservationist and Nobel Peace laureate who died on Sunday night.


shaker-avatarYep, this is a first of many Tuesday editions to come as I have decided to make Tuesdays worthwhile for you by sharing the most interesting tech news around the week. You will also get a little taste of my daily life story.

Well, I got to dance, chat and have a drink with strangers (who now happen to be acquaintances) at a TechCrunch virtual floor hosted by Shaker on Facebook last week. I also had the chance of peeping into the newly updated blogger interface that now makes it easier for bloggers to stay up to date with their reading list. And yes, the disrupters at Techcrunch were at it again with hackers showing off the beauty of their ingenuity.

Shaker steals the Show at TC Disrupt San Francisco

Shaker, an Israeli startup application that intends to turn Facebook into a bar via social gaming turned out the best of seven finalists in a tech competition dubbed the Disrupt hosted by TechCrunch that also saw three other Israeli startups reach the finals. Crunchbase.com describes Shaker as an application that brings social networks to life by allowing people to interact in real time in a shared environment, making the online social experience of hanging out with friends and meeting new people, feel natural finally.

I spent the better part of my Monday morning hanging out with friends, sipping on cold beers and dancing to the tunes of some cool music all thanks to Shaker. Indeed, it cannot be denied that online social experience has finally taken a natural turn. In fact, why don't you try it out for yourself here, then, you can later put me to task with your experience.

New Blogger Interface

Those of you who use Blogger might be familiar with the new look interface for the backend. Its a move towards simplicity as the design and layout are made more intuitive with the functions of the website being more accessible through buttons and links on the interface.  There is also the use of client side scripts to improve on interactivity. Good thing though, is that users have the options of using either of the two interfaces.

Techcrunch Disrupt
techcrunch-disruptThe last Techcrunch Disrupt held was in May of 2011 in New York where startup GetAround scooped the Disrupt Cup and $50 000. Last week saw another Disrupt this time held in San Francisco where Israeli Startup Shaker scooped the cup and prize money from Seven Finalists who included  Bitcasa, Cake Health, Farmigo, Prism Skylabs, Shaker, TalkTo, and Trello. The next Techcrunch Disrupt seems to be heading to Beijing, China from October 31st to November 1st 2011. The event starts of with a Hackathon days earlier from the main Event where Battlefield finalists conduct reheasals.

My Reading list of the Week:
-The Fashion Notebook

Here is the little taste I promised you earlier. Its music and Jango is my favorite online music player. I'll let you get to the lyrics of the rest of the story by yourself.

Related Technology News

The New Social Network: Who’s Nearby, Not Who You Know

mingle-introThere's a new concept for social networking services taking root, and it's not about re-creating your offline social graph on the Web, like Facebook does today. It's about discovering the people who are nearby you now - the ones you probably would like to meet.

This type of discovery mechanism is already being made possible by a number of services, including the checkin apps like Foursquare and Gowalla, the automated discovery of nearby folks via Sonar and Banjo, the group chatting in Yobongo, and the micro-networks that emerge through LoKast. All of these companies are playing with the idea of location-based networks, attempting to connect you to others around you through varying means.

At this week's TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, even more services emerged to compete in this space, too.
Buddy Media Launches Intelligent Facebook Data And Analytics Platform For Marketers

buddymediaFresh with new funding, Buddy Media, a company that provides Facebook Page and social media management tools to brands, is launching ConversionBuddy, a data and analytics platform for brand marketers.

Buddy Media provides an all-in-one social media management system to help create, manage and track social campaigns on Facebook. The platform lets brand managers agencies create, manage and track Facebook pages in a variety of languages to drive and increase user and brand engagement. Users don’t need to have any prior FBML knowledge to create pages on Facebook and can create sleek and interactive pages fairly easily.
Local Recommendations App Alfred Hits iPad, Plans To Add Deal Curation Soon

alfredlogoLocal recommendations mobile app Alfred has arrived in a new, iPad-optimized format (iTunes) which includes deeper integration with Facebook. The optional Facebook Connect sign-in feature enables Alfred to better learn about its users' preferences by mining Facebook data for likes and check-ins.

Alfred, which comes from a startup called Clever Sense, is focused heavily on its use of algorithms to surface recommendations as a differentiating factor between it and other, similar applications.


M-pesa’s Open Source API by Mike Pedersen

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mpesa-pesapiSafaricom’s Mobile money transfer Service M-Pesa has received a boost that will see the developers club in Kenya pounce at the opportunity of building various service applications around it. It has been an expectation for a long time that Safaricom would release an API for its M-Pesa service that would open doors for application developers to easily extend the functionality of M-Pesa to their e-commerce applications.

The developing story over the months is that Application Developer Mike Pedersen has built an Open Source M-Pesa API called PesaPi that will allow fellow developers to access the features of Safaricom’s M-Pesa without the need for an official API from the mobile operators. This move will help standardize the e-commerce industry in Kenya with the use of Mobile banking as the default option for making, tracking and receiving payments.

Similar work has been done by few companies in Kenya such as the Pesapal and iPay but the keyword to PesaPi is Open Source. It is very hard to find an open source facility based on a fresh service such as M-pesa that would obviously benefit founders with profits from commercialization of M-pesa based applications but it is clear that Mike Pedersen is a man with an open heart and as such a pioneer of the future of a dense and rich technology industry.

PesaPi in Mike Pedersen’s own words will provide a way to automatically detect when someone, possibly a customer, has made payment to you (the merchant) so that you can confirm payment to the customer and thereby release the product/service you are selling. PesaPi thus helps you to automate that process of detecting payment, confirming receipt and releasing the product. It is an API and not fully fledged e-commerce systems (with a website, a cart and check out system) since there are good e-commerce applications already in place for such functions. And, if you are in a situation where you want to automatically send money to a person, PesaPi cannot help as it is.

M-pesa is a mobile money transfer service that was first launched in Kenya by Mobile Operator Safaricom. The product was developed by Vodafone but initially funded by UK based Department for International Development (DFID). The service has so far grown into few international markets including Tanzania, Afghanistan and South Africa.

Related Articles

Why the PesaPi Hackathon is good for Safaricom and Kenya

PesaPi – An Open Source API for Safaricom’s M-Pesa in Kenya

One agent. Five mobile money services. 
Photo taken on September...

One agent. Five mobile money services. 

Photo taken on September 5th, 2011 near Geomaps Centre in Nairobi

Ben Lyon, VP of Business Development (@bmlyon) 
Out with the old, in with the new

Post offices are natural agents for mobile banking and money services.  Given the explosion of mobile money since 2009, should post offices compete with or co-opt mobile money services (e.g. Safaricom M-Pesa, Airtel Money, etc)? 

Airtel Money and PostaPay signs in the Posta Kenya office at Yaya Centre

Tell us what you think by answering our Facebook poll or commenting on this post.  

RELATED: 1) The Future of the Post Office? (via ... (Read more at source)
John Karanja, CEO of Whive, describes PesaPay as a “payment...

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]

John Karanja, CEO of Whive, describes PesaPay as a “payment gateway that targets small and medium enterprises.”  I stopped by the Whive office in m:Lab today to see how PesaPay works.  

In short, PesaPay leverages an Android application to parse text messages from Safaricom M-Pesa, which it then posts to the PesaPay server in order to authenticate e-commerce payments.   

Since PesaPay only requires an ... (Read more at source)


Kenya Government Launches Open data Portal

Posted on Friday, July 08, 2011, under

I’m sure some of you have already listened to the news or probably caught the wind of the day’s story whereby the Kenya government has launched access to open data for millions of Kenyans among them being web application developers.

You might also have heard that the President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki was the Guest of Honor. Also in attendance was the Member of Parliament for Gatanga Peter Kenneth, Safaricom’s CEO Bobby Collymore and the Director for Vision 2030 Mugo Kibati. Also notable was how the Executives who include Safaricom’s CEO Bobby Collymore, Mr Mugo Kibati, K24’s Jeff Koinange and Capital Fm’s Chris Kirubi were sharing tweets right from when the former joined the President’s entourage into the Venue (KICC's Tsavo Ballroom).

Open Data
The open data is powered by Socrata which is a company that offers a solid API for governments and developers to maximize data value to the public. The data will be accessible to web users via www.opendata.go.ke. Right now, there are over 160 datasets including the complete 2009 census, national budget data, nation and county public expenditure data, information on health care and school facilities.

Some of the applications that have taken advantage of the API include-:
Huduma, a citizen initiative (strategy and platform) that enables citizens to amplify their voices in demand for services.
Eduweb, an online portal that enables Kenyans to easily access relevant information on education institutions. Users have access to information on all learning institutions in Kenya and can view different attributes such as education system, number of enrolled students, number of teachers as well as geographical location.
M-Chanjo, a mobile health (mhealth) solution that aims at reducing child mortality by creating awareness on child immunization.

Sound Bytes
‘You will never have issue-based politics without access to government data’- PS, Ministry of Information Bitange Ndemo.

‘We plan to upgrade Primary Schools to digital villages so that once learning for the young ones is over, the grownups can join in and learn a few things’ – Minister for Planning Wycliffe Oparanya.

‘Data is the foundation of improving accountability and governance.’-President Mwai Kibaki

Based on how that day went, my excitement only allows me to so few words but also that finally because we can speak to each other freely through uncensored channels, we can become a better world. 


Zindua Kiongozi: New Design + Better Features

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Zindua KiongoziZindua Kiongozi is a fully featured political search engine and application that provides a platform for people to share and view articles and opinions on topics that are important to them.

Politics in Pages

The Zindua Kiongozi team is excited to bring you Kenyan politics in online pages. Zindua Kiongozi intends to inspire the aspirers of our young society. Politics in Kenya is slowly shaping up to pave way for better leadership, meditated governance and intelligent nationalism. Aware of the responsibility that each and every citizen must bear, they have launched the media brand to support the dreams of many if not every Kenyan through unbiased reporting, professional commentary and keen attention to modern trends.

Aspiring politicians-young and old- now have a platform from which they can shape their message to an online audience of supporters. Kenyan citizens in turn have a location to which they can turn their curiosity and inquisition. Videos, photos and blogs will be shared on the new Zindua Kiongozi. Political candidates will define their policies of governance and stand on common issues in details and every Kenyan will learn and be expected to poke around. Ills will be spoken of. Good deeds will be lauded.


The search on Zindua Kiongozi has been improved to help you find what you are interested in more easily. You can now filter results by their respective sections through the search menu. The main search page will list similar search results under their respective categories- Candidate profiles, political parties, buzz comments, events and political talk shows- in a simple and intuitive skim and scan display.

Zindua Kiongozi buzz


Election Candidate Profiles

Political Party Profiles

News Updates


140 character status updates


Quote Perspectives

Social Plugins

They have integrated a set of social plugins across the site which has facilitated the creation of a seamless browsing experience to encourage interaction between users and Zindua Kiongozi. They mainly include Facebook and Twitter Plugins.

The Brand

Product Name: Zindua Kiongozi

Status: Alpha

Website: www.kiongozi.co.ke

Corporate: www.zinduakiongozi.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/zinduakiongozi

Twitter: www.twitter.com/zinduakiongozi


A watch on the Presidential, Parliamentary, Senate and Governor races across Kenya. Up to date information on elections, Candidates, political parties, positions on issues and Manifestos. Breaking news, events, photos and videos during the Elections.


Meraki Outdoor: Days into installation

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img_product_outdoor_mantle_250x280_aWi-fi! That was the keyword on the day the Meraki outdoor became active. Upon fixing the Ethernet cable to the router’s port, the Meraki outdoor gateway immediately self-configured and within a few minutes, a wireless internet connection was active. On hand was an extra device-Sony’s PSP- to help test our new connection and the results were not frustrating at all.

The connection has since then had no problems. The Meraki outdoor is now available to laptop users with the device range. As far as the range is concerned, we’ve had to source for a high range antenna to get better coverage.

As we invite a new year, the challenge will be to create a Mesh network but the progress so far tells me that we are on the right track.

For any queries, clarifications or discussion, just dial me one. My pleasure! More articles to follow.


New Design, More content and Better Search; Arfick.com

Posted on Thursday, February 03, 2011, under

Information travels fast! Have you been to twitter lately, if so then you definitely have an idea of what we are talking about when we mention fast streaming of information. With everyone tweeting nowadays, it has increasingly become hard to keep up with updates from your following on twitter especially if their numbers have hit the 100's. Arfick.com launched in 2009 and blogged about right here has, in 2011, come with a new design and technology for publishing content. If you thought digg.com was smart when it launched, then you are likely to fall head over heals with the New Arfick that is now is now working in its alpha version. Read Along...

New Looks..for your eyes only

With an improved logo and attractive search engine at the top, the New Arfick will almost entice anyone into searching, browsing and scrolling for all sorts of information. The layout on the body has maintained the two column style with a side bar to the right that features sections such as the Top Searches and the most recent content.

Facebook app, ‘My Web’

You can now have your Facebook page installed with a social content publishing application known as My Web by installing the arfick application on Facebook here.If you are only interested in seeing how the application works, the Arfick FB page will demonstrate that best. Explore Arfick and make sure to give me a feedback. See you on the virtual street!

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Kenyan ICT Sharks: Mindless Project costs

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2011, under

Timages (2)his post is a product of a conversation I recently held with a friend. The discussion was about Kenya and the ICT industry. My friend wants to take his good business skills a notch higher by investing in a couple of online businesses which to him are gaining popularity and are the thing for the future. Saving money, he says, has taken him years and he is finally confident that the few bucks he has will catapult him to the thick profit making end of life. He is however a frustrated man and likens investing in Kenya to walking into a pub and later leaving there penniless with nothing to show of it; Wake up in the morning with coins just enough to take you the nearest ATM.

Here’s Why

While he was making rounds and getting Website Design quotations from local companies, John-my friend, says he only met cruel sharks dressed in pretty suites. The quotations were signed with hefty sums of money as fees. His conclusion was that farming in his two acre plot in Kiambaa was now his only priority. His concern also came with the mention of countries like Bulgaria, Thailand, India and Singapore as places he would rather outsource business to than his home country. Truly, the mindless payoffs industry players in Kenya are used to asking, even for small jobs, are a concern many business clients raise.

Its now or never

To sustain a business, one needs to motivate the customer. Through quality services and reasonable pricing, a business can sustain and gain more customers by the day. This also holds true for the ICT industry that is no longer in its infancy. Getting rich over one project is a behavior that signals greed and ignorance towards factors that promote business growth.

My Review

This issue took me to the street to help clarify my friend’s allegations. Whether true or not, I found out that small IT companies have gained entry into the market with cost leadership as their motivator. Just wake up any day and you’ll comfortably be able to purchase an International TLD (Domain name) for as low as KSHs. 850 per year. Professional web designers will charge you Kshs 8, 000-Kshs 10, 000 for a basic website with a complex website going for as much as 25, 000 or less. With this information, my friend was able to find a good company and for a mere Kshs 20, 000, his website will be ready to launch in a few weeks.

The Intelligent Client

A great client usually lacks the time to sit down, program, design or brand but this is usually replaced by inquisition and great attention to detail. Don’t get into a project that you won’t  be able to personally inspire and steer. Furthermore, the Idea starter must be the idea holder.

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Dear Diary: Installing the Meraki Outdoor

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2011, under

December 2010

img_product_outdoor_mantle_250x280_bInternet installation was quick and easy. The connection was also superb. Unplanned for technical and financial activities followed up making the day a very busy one. Once the ISP link was working, it was now time to install the Meraki (looks like something you’d want to show off in your living room instead of outdoors). The Meraki powered up fine and seemed to receive the Ethernet signal quite well but there was a problem, No internet connection. The initial connection was a PPPOE which only meant that a router was needed to allow the necessary configuration of IP to the Meraki device. Since the Outdoor was powered up and searching for a signal, two wireless signals appeared (I read this from my laptop). One wireless signal read with an SSID Meraki bad gateway and another with an SSID Meraki Scanning. Meraki bad gateway signal will appear when the outdoor is connected but not receiving any signal at all-happens mostly within the minutes you power it up or when the IP configuration on your device isn’t so good.

As soon as it is powered up and with a few minutes to wait, the Meraki will start scanning which will be visible to you through the moving LED lights. In the event that the connection and signal is good, the SSID will change either to Meraki or your customized SSID. You can Learn how to configure customize an SSID through the Pro Cloud Controller (dashboard). With a good range and a few hours into installation, your wireless network should be visible to connected persons in your area. Also remember that configuring the Meraki from the central management point (Meraki Dashboard for pro) just doesn’t make it alright. You need to ensure that the connected device checks in and that the status on the dashboard registers as active. An outdoor acts like an access point, a gateway and repeater.

In case you need to set up a mesh network, only one of your outdoors or any other Meraki device needs to be connected to the internet so that it can act as a gateway. All the other devices will communicate with the single gateway wirelessly thus eliminating the need for connecting each network device with a separate Ethernet connection and will be identified as repeaters. They however need to be powered up which is something that has been taken care of by the PoE (power over Ethernet). PoE allows you to transmit data and power using a single Ethernet cable. This eliminates the headache of tricky outdoor power/electrical mappings.

Well, I’ve finally picked up a router from a local dealer. I gotta run but I hope to see you when I discuss the outcome-Meraki outdoor: days into installation.