Kenyan ICT Sharks: Mindless Project costs

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Timages (2)his post is a product of a conversation I recently held with a friend. The discussion was about Kenya and the ICT industry. My friend wants to take his good business skills a notch higher by investing in a couple of online businesses which to him are gaining popularity and are the thing for the future. Saving money, he says, has taken him years and he is finally confident that the few bucks he has will catapult him to the thick profit making end of life. He is however a frustrated man and likens investing in Kenya to walking into a pub and later leaving there penniless with nothing to show of it; Wake up in the morning with coins just enough to take you the nearest ATM.

Here’s Why

While he was making rounds and getting Website Design quotations from local companies, John-my friend, says he only met cruel sharks dressed in pretty suites. The quotations were signed with hefty sums of money as fees. His conclusion was that farming in his two acre plot in Kiambaa was now his only priority. His concern also came with the mention of countries like Bulgaria, Thailand, India and Singapore as places he would rather outsource business to than his home country. Truly, the mindless payoffs industry players in Kenya are used to asking, even for small jobs, are a concern many business clients raise.

Its now or never

To sustain a business, one needs to motivate the customer. Through quality services and reasonable pricing, a business can sustain and gain more customers by the day. This also holds true for the ICT industry that is no longer in its infancy. Getting rich over one project is a behavior that signals greed and ignorance towards factors that promote business growth.

My Review

This issue took me to the street to help clarify my friend’s allegations. Whether true or not, I found out that small IT companies have gained entry into the market with cost leadership as their motivator. Just wake up any day and you’ll comfortably be able to purchase an International TLD (Domain name) for as low as KSHs. 850 per year. Professional web designers will charge you Kshs 8, 000-Kshs 10, 000 for a basic website with a complex website going for as much as 25, 000 or less. With this information, my friend was able to find a good company and for a mere Kshs 20, 000, his website will be ready to launch in a few weeks.

The Intelligent Client

A great client usually lacks the time to sit down, program, design or brand but this is usually replaced by inquisition and great attention to detail. Don’t get into a project that you won’t  be able to personally inspire and steer. Furthermore, the Idea starter must be the idea holder.

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