Meraki Outdoor: Days into installation

Posted on Wednesday, February 09, 2011, under ,

img_product_outdoor_mantle_250x280_aWi-fi! That was the keyword on the day the Meraki outdoor became active. Upon fixing the Ethernet cable to the router’s port, the Meraki outdoor gateway immediately self-configured and within a few minutes, a wireless internet connection was active. On hand was an extra device-Sony’s PSP- to help test our new connection and the results were not frustrating at all.

The connection has since then had no problems. The Meraki outdoor is now available to laptop users with the device range. As far as the range is concerned, we’ve had to source for a high range antenna to get better coverage.

As we invite a new year, the challenge will be to create a Mesh network but the progress so far tells me that we are on the right track.

For any queries, clarifications or discussion, just dial me one. My pleasure! More articles to follow.


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