New Design, More content and Better Search;

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Information travels fast! Have you been to twitter lately, if so then you definitely have an idea of what we are talking about when we mention fast streaming of information. With everyone tweeting nowadays, it has increasingly become hard to keep up with updates from your following on twitter especially if their numbers have hit the 100's. launched in 2009 and blogged about right here has, in 2011, come with a new design and technology for publishing content. If you thought was smart when it launched, then you are likely to fall head over heals with the New Arfick that is now is now working in its alpha version. Read Along...

New Looks..for your eyes only

With an improved logo and attractive search engine at the top, the New Arfick will almost entice anyone into searching, browsing and scrolling for all sorts of information. The layout on the body has maintained the two column style with a side bar to the right that features sections such as the Top Searches and the most recent content.

Facebook app, ‘My Web’

You can now have your Facebook page installed with a social content publishing application known as My Web by installing the arfick application on Facebook here.If you are only interested in seeing how the application works, the Arfick FB page will demonstrate that best. Explore Arfick and make sure to give me a feedback. See you on the virtual street!

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