Indeed, the world woke up to a sad week on Monday to the news that Environmental activist and Nobel Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai had succumbed to Cancer while receiving treatment at a Nairobi Hospital. She was a mother and protector of our Nation, a great hero of the world whose contribution will be greatly endeared and cherished by all. May God Bless her soul.


Meanwhile, the week was adrenalized with the news that Facebook had launched a new way for users to interact with their profiles through what is now being referred to as the Facebook timeline. I already got mine activated a few days ago which is yet to go public this Friday but my favorite people-you- will get the honor of catching a snapshot of my 'pretty' profile page.

Have you ever thought of Second Chances! Yes, what would you do then in that second life? Well, technology has all the answers for you. This time, you not only get to dance on a virtual loft as we did last week on shaker but you also get the chance to trade, learn and socialize.

Second Life by Linden Lab

Second Life is an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab. Second life users, residents, use a number of free client programs to interact with each other. The applications are platforms that are used to cultivate education, arts, science, religion and relationships. The virtual world launched in June 2003 now boasts of over a million active users.

The options to the online virtual world are not minimal nor is the reality of the interactions faint. Some residents have chosen to get married online. Since 2008, the University of San Martin de Porres of Peru has been working on Second Life virtual world, developing prototypes of Peruvian archeological buildings, and training teachers for new paradigm of education. Institutions and business are also choosing to open virtual meeting places where they can share ideas and trade. Though a subject of criticism due to the simulation of child pornography, sex is often encountered.

All in all, its time for you to check it out. You can register for a free account or choose a premium account that goes for an average of $6 a month.

Facebook Timeline Unveiled

Facebook-button-ovalFacebook continues to evolve day by day, mostly through how users from different parts of the world are taking advantage of the diverse social network features . During the week in a Facebook F8 Conference in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled a beautiful twist to the Facebook profiles in what seems to be the most intuitive feature on Facebook as of that day. The new display of the profiles is meant to capture the Whole story of Facebook users by allowing them to scroll easily to stories, updates and notifications from the day they were born.

The Timeline has three Sections:
Cover- This is where you use a large unique image that represents your best. It will be the first thing people see when they visit your profile.

Stories- This is where you share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and lifetime events on the Timeline.

Apps- The activities you love will be highlighted on this page with a new set of Social Apps that let you express who you are through everything you do.

I am sure the biggest question here is why many user profiles such as yours haven't changed to reflect the new Feature timeline. The answer is that only developers at this stage are allowed to preview their profiles using this application. The feature might however go public as soon as this Friday 30th of September. Keep a look out. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the Timeline here.

Here is how the timeline looks like


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Fampus_BlackGradientGood startups often emerge from situations where the founder is attempting to solve a problem they themselves have. That was certainly the case with collegiate events site Fampus, created by 22-year old Brittany Brody, now a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As a new arrival to the university in 2008, Brody wanted to get involved on campus, but was frustrated by the lack of a dedicated site that listed both on-campus and nearby community events. So she created Fampus.
Twitter’s New Dublin Office Will Cut 16% Off Its EU Tax – Maybe More

San_Francisco_Twitter_Tax2We're not exactly surprised. As we predicted in May, Twitter is setting up its European HQ in Dublin (in fact this is its first international office outside the Valley). The reasons are simple: money.

Following the long- tradition of US companies in Europe (joining Google, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, PayPal, LinkedIn, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Apple, HP and Zynga) Ireland's 12% corporation tax, and 45 minute flight from London (where corporation tax is 28%) is just too tempting not to take advantage of. One annual board meeting later and you can be back at you Mayfair pad in one day.
Vimeo Launches Audiosocket-Powered Music Store To Bring Tunes To Video

vimeo_logoAt F8 on Thursday, The Social Network will by all accounts be making its official foray into music, with scrobbling and music content galore headed straight for our news feeds. Ahead of Facebook's new music service, Vimeo is announcing its own musical news, thank you very much, that has some interesting implications for artists and filmmakers and music technology. You may know Vimeo as the quality YouTube alternative that's long been a place for semi-pro videographers, filmmakers, and Vloggers to host, share, and present their video content. Today, Vimeo is taking its long-awaited leap into the music world with the "Vimeo Music Store" -- a custom-designed music licensing solution that will allow Vimeo's video buffs to search for, discover, and license songs for both non-commercial and limited commercial use.
Fantastical: My Favorite New Calendar App

Fantastical_256x256I've been using a pretty cool app of late called Fantastical. It's OS X-only but I suspect the Windows crowd would get a kick out of it as well.

Basically it's a natural language calendar app. You can paste (nearly) anything into its little window and it will automagically create an event. "Dinner with Joe at 5pm on Thursday" works just as you would imagine it would and unless today is Thursday, Fantastical will figure things out. It fumbles sometimes with word order and ends up setting all day lunches with "Tuesday" but most of the time that's reparable with a few keystrokes.
World mourns Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai

The world was on Monday united in mourning Prof Wangari Muta Maathai, a conservationist and Nobel Peace laureate who died on Sunday night.


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