Zindua Kiongozi: New Design + Better Features

Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011, under

Zindua KiongoziZindua Kiongozi is a fully featured political search engine and application that provides a platform for people to share and view articles and opinions on topics that are important to them.

Politics in Pages

The Zindua Kiongozi team is excited to bring you Kenyan politics in online pages. Zindua Kiongozi intends to inspire the aspirers of our young society. Politics in Kenya is slowly shaping up to pave way for better leadership, meditated governance and intelligent nationalism. Aware of the responsibility that each and every citizen must bear, they have launched the media brand to support the dreams of many if not every Kenyan through unbiased reporting, professional commentary and keen attention to modern trends.

Aspiring politicians-young and old- now have a platform from which they can shape their message to an online audience of supporters. Kenyan citizens in turn have a location to which they can turn their curiosity and inquisition. Videos, photos and blogs will be shared on the new Zindua Kiongozi. Political candidates will define their policies of governance and stand on common issues in details and every Kenyan will learn and be expected to poke around. Ills will be spoken of. Good deeds will be lauded.


The search on Zindua Kiongozi has been improved to help you find what you are interested in more easily. You can now filter results by their respective sections through the search menu. The main search page will list similar search results under their respective categories- Candidate profiles, political parties, buzz comments, events and political talk shows- in a simple and intuitive skim and scan display.

Zindua Kiongozi buzz


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Social Plugins

They have integrated a set of social plugins across the site which has facilitated the creation of a seamless browsing experience to encourage interaction between users and Zindua Kiongozi. They mainly include Facebook and Twitter Plugins.

The Brand

Product Name: Zindua Kiongozi

Status: Alpha

Website: www.kiongozi.co.ke

Corporate: www.zinduakiongozi.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/zinduakiongozi

Twitter: www.twitter.com/zinduakiongozi


A watch on the Presidential, Parliamentary, Senate and Governor races across Kenya. Up to date information on elections, Candidates, political parties, positions on issues and Manifestos. Breaking news, events, photos and videos during the Elections.